To buy a card, you need to:
  1. Familiarize yourself with and accept these rules. The fact of payment will constitute your implicit acceptance of all the terms set out in these rules. If you disagree with any of these rules, please do not make the payment.
  2. Select the value of the card and the amount of cards you wish to buy.
  3. Select the payment system which you'd like to use for payment of the product (the prepayment cards you have selected) and make the payment.
  4. В течение нескольких минут после совершения вами оплаты, на указанный e-mail придет сообщение содержащее реквизиты приобретенных карт. (Внимание! убедитесь в правильности адреса электронной почты, продавец не несет ответственности за отправку товара на некорректный адрес).
  5. Активация приобретенных карт осуществляется Вами самостоятельно на игровой площадке «Эпоха Клонов», раздел «Игровой счет», вкладка «Активация карт (сертификатов)». Активировать.
  6. The cards bought can't be exchanged or returned. The risk of disclosure of the data of the prepaid cards is passed on to the buyer at the moment he receives the purchase.

If you fail to receive the payment or the data of the prepaid cards in a few minutes after the payment, please inform us about it at the email address Be sure to include all data of the payment (the date and time of the transaction, the sum, the number of your wallet or account in the payment system and your contact phone).

Please fill the fields of the form during the purchase process. It will considerably simplify communication in case of any incident.