Economic online game Age Of Clones is a browser game intended for entertainment and leisure.

The game is a partial simulator of the objective reality with elements borrowed from historical characters and events.

The main feature of the game is creation of a virtual environment of individual properties, enabling the opportunity to feel oneself in a role corresponding to the player's wishes impossible to fulfill in the real world.

The definitive role of the project creators is to offer new forms of self-fulfillment and development of the character, supervision of the proper fulfillment by the players of the principles of reasonable use of the game resources of the project, administration and record-keeping of resources.

As an additional feature, the game provides the opportunity to derive income as the result of building an economic strategy of commercial activity carried out by the player's character.

The game project provides the character with all the resources required to make use of that additional feature for a consideration, and the game economy is largely determined by the project participants themselves.